Terms & Condition


These Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) is governed between ABSORICH SDN BHD as the Service Provider (“Provider”) for the stipulated training, product, package and/or services by the Provider (“Service”) and the subscriber (“You”) following your consent and endorsement of the Online Enrolment Form (“Form”), whereby You agreed to subscribe to the Service offered therein by the Provider and that the Form together with these Terms form a valid contract between You and the Provider.

2.     PAYMENT

i.     Your payment for the enrolment of Service as stated under the Form entitles You to access the Service commencing from the enrolment date. In respect of payment for the Service, no refund will be given to You if You do not use and/or utilise the Service, fully or partly, for whatever reason.

ii.      The Provider reserves the right to amend and/or cancel any products, packages, or services in connection with the Service. The Provider will notify You by electronic mail(e-mail) of any changes in relation to the Service.

iii.      In respect to the above clause 2(ii), no liabilities and/or claims for refund whatsoever shall be imposed towards the Provider.


i.      All payments made by You shall be forfeited by the Provider in the event You decide to cancel the Service, unless You inform the Provider in writing within 48 hours of You sending the Form and agreeing to the Terms that You no longer wish to receive the Provider’s Service, by delivering or by sending (including by electronic mail) cancellation notice to the Provider (“Cancellation Notice”). The Provider, under its discretion, will refund You all monies which You have paid to the Provider under the Form within thirty (30) business days of receipt of such Cancellation Notice less any Administrative Costs incurred with a minimum of ten(10) percent from total monies paid. No termination can be made by You subsequent to 48 hours of You sending the Form and agreeing to the Terms unless otherwise stated by the Provider in writing.

ii.     The Provider may terminate the Service for any reason whatsoever through a written notice to You and refund any payment that You have made to the Provider, within 30 business days from the issuance of notice, less any Administrative Costs, and any services rendered and/or work done to be duly accounted and pro-rated. Refund shall not be given in the event the Provider terminates the Service due to any breach of Terms made by You which the Provider finds severe and detrimental to continue the Service with You. The Provider shall have no further liability to You after said refund and you shall make no claims against the Provider in this respect.


i.      Save and except for Clause 3(i) above, You acknowledge that You shall not be entitled to and shall not claim for any refund on any payment made to the Provider. You further acknowledge that this is an essential term of the Service on which the Provider relies to.

ii.     You agree and acknowledge that any issues and/or problems arising relating to the refund and/or cancellation of Service between You and the Provider shall be prohibited to be disclosed and/or published to any third-party, online service platform, social media platform, and/or any other form of medias and platforms offline and online. Failure to abide to this term, the Provider shall have the right to take legal action(s) against you and waive any amount of refund to you, if any.

iii. No refund shall be granted for products or services valued below RM100, under any circumstances, unless expressly stated otherwise by the Provider in writing.


i.     You expressly acknowledge and agree that nothing in this Terms and the Form, written or oral communications relating to the Service, or any materials promulgated or distributed with respect thereto constitute a representation or guarantee to You.

ii.     This Service is organized by the Provider as an educational Service on “As-Is-Basis” and no representation or warranty of any kind, including but not limited to implied warranties of fitness for a particular purpose, or regarding specific or general benefits, monetary or otherwise, was or has been made by the Provider and/or his associates, agents and employees, ALL OF WHICH ARE HEREBY SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIMED.

iii.     You shall acknowledge that neither the Service nor the Provider in whole or in part, will be responsible for your personal and/or business failure, for your acts or omissions or the appropriateness or your personal and/or business decisions heretofore or hereafter. You hereby agree to and do indemnify the Provider against any and all claims, judgements, liabilities, expenses and damages (including attorney ’s fees and costs) arising out of the Service, or any materials promulgated or distributed with respect thereto.


i.     The provisions under this Terms shall have effect and be construed as an integral part of the Form, but in the event of any conflict or discrepancy between the provisions of this Terms and the Form, such conflict or discrepancy shall, for the purposes of the interpretation and enforcement of this Terms, be resolved and decided by the Provider by:

a)    giving the provisions contained in the clauses of this Terms priority and precedence over the provisions contained in the Form; or

b)    giving the provisions contained in the Form priority and precedence over the provisions contained in this Terms whichever the Provider deems fit.

ii.     Any agreements and/or terms entered between You and the Provider subsequent to the Form and the Terms which are related to the Service shall supersede the Form and this Terms.